Comparison to Synthesis Services

DNA Oligos in less than 2 hours

We recommend Kilobaser for the daily or frequent need for DNA oligos for different applications, especially for the fast and cheap synthesis of DNA probes and for high security settings. Synthesis services are helpful when a large number of different sequences (oligo pools…,) or a high yield of DNA is needed, as well as rare modifications and when neither the DNA data nor the timing is criticial.


Kilobaser Synthesis Services
Turnaround time
Costs per TaqMan probe
Costs per standard DNA base
Data privacy
Product options


  • Kilobaser
    • less than 2 hours
      • < 80 $ per TaqMan Probe
      • > 60 cents per standard DNA base
      • data stays in-house
      • limited modifications / scale / throughput
    • Request Sample Oligo
  • Synthesis Services
    • 1-5 days
      • > 150 $ per TaqMan Probe
      • 30 cents per standard DNA base
      • online order + shipping
      • diverse offerings

Kilobaser is designed as a personal benchtop DNA synthesizer to fulfill the needs of individual scientists or small labs. In contrast to synthesis services which cause a turnaround time of one or several days, Kilobaser provides DNA on your benchtop in less than 2 hours. The price for standard DNA synthesized with Kilobaser is higher, but any modified DNA such as DNA probes is cheaper, due to extremely low reagent consumption. Synthesis services offer more flexibility in terms of yield, rare modifciations and number of different sequences when high throughput is needed. DNA data is safe when you use Kilobaser, since it never leaves your lab, while synthesis services require your DNA data to be transferred and the product shipped.

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