Scientist-in-Residence: Andreas Stürmer, MSc.

Scientist-in-Residence Program

We just started our brand-new “scientist-in-residence” program. During this program we invite passionate life science enthusiasts to run their ‘signature’ applications with DNA oligos made by Kilobaser. We then share the results with you in the form of application notes.

Please let us introduce our first scientist-in-residence:

Andreas Stürmer, MSc.

Andreas holds a master’s degree in Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering and is working on projects that he believes have the potential to make an impact in the world. Initial work was established as a DIY-biologist, organizing lab access and creating fluorescent plants as a first learning project.

Since then, Andreas has gained expertise in diverse fields such as molecular biology, synthetic DNA design, plant tissue culture, chloroplast transformation, mammalian and avian cell work, insect cell culture, and protein expression. He is also working together with organizations overseas such as SciHouse.

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