DNA oligo cartridge for DNA synthesis with Kilobaser benchtop personal synthesizer. Synthesize DNA oligos in less than 1 hour.

standard DNA cartridge

EUR 75,00 USD 100.00

for Kilobaser DNA & RNA Synthesizer

This ready-to-use DNA cartridge contains all required reagents for your in-house DNA synthesis.

Synthesize 150 bases in total with one cartridge. Each cartridge contains 75 nucleotides of A,T,C and G.

An extra vial safely collects all waste generated during your in-house DNA synthesis.

FAQ – Standard Cartridge

How many oligos can be synthesized with one reagent cartridge?

One reagent cartridge holds material for 150 bases. For example you can print:

Five oligos with 30 bases
Six oligos with 25 bases
Seven oligos with 20 bases
One 80mer oligo and two 35mer oligos
until 150 bases are used up. Basically, you can print oligos with different length until the reagents for 150 bases are finished.

The minimum length per oligo is 8 bases.

What is the shelf life and storage conditions of reagent cartridges?

The shelf life of cartridges is one year minimum, and we recommend reagent cartridges be stored at 4°C. After inserted into Kilobaser, the reagent cartridges can be used for up to two weeks or until 150 bases are synthesized. The cartridge should remain inserted into Kilobaser until it is used up.

How much waste is generated per run?

The total liquid volume in each cartridge is just roughly 18mL. The volume of all microfluidic channels in the microfluidic chip is 4µl and thus Kilobaser produces 50% less hazardous waste than usual column-based synthesizers. Per base, the Kilobaser needs 75µL of total liquid volume which will eventually turn to waste. The waste is constantly pumped back into a waste bottle in the cartridge and can be long term stored in there.

Since the cartridge contains hazardous chemicals, please ensure cartridges are removed in accordance with current regulations in your country.

How it Works


enter your sequence

Enter your DNA sequence using the included touch screen, USB flash drive or your computer.

insert chip & cartridge

Insert Kilobaser's innovative microfluidic chip & reagent cartridge for DNA synthesis.

press start

Within two hours you get your ready-to-use DNA oligo!

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