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Interview with Reini. From 3 to 4!

Comments 14 October 2015 / 17:18 Author: Valerie Edegger

To introduce our new employee Reini I asked him to answer a few questions about his new workplace. Read the full interview here!


Job Advertisement - Construction Engineer

Comments 14 July 2015 / 13:05 Author: Admin

Briefcase Biotec GmbH is hiring! We are looking for a Construction Engineer (f/m) to join our small team in Graz, Austria. Your tasks will be construction and 3D modelling of Lab devices and fluidic parts, prototyping in-house and coordination with external prototyping facilities. Read the full job description (in German) here (PDF).


Austrian startup Briefcase Biotec GmbH has developed KiloBaser, a device for "printing“ short synthetic DNA sequences. KiloBaser enables individual scientists to easily produce the DNA they need on their desktops, thus speeding up production of the basic building blocks for all genetic engineering and synthetic biology research & development.


Beagle Bone Black Device-Tree Overlay Generator

Comments 28 July 2014 / 02:27 Author: Bernhard Tittelbach

How to create Device-Tree Overlays and configure GPIOs without BoneScript


BeagleBone Black GPIOs

Comments 15 July 2014 / 00:14 Author: Bernhard Tittelbach

The BeagleBone Black is a great development platform. In contrast to the Raspberry PI it's a solid hardware design without any major bugs. For a reasonable price you get some really nice hardware specs: 512MiB RAM, 1GHz AM335x ARM with an FP accelerator, 4GiB on-board flash AND and external SDcard slot, Ethernet, USB-Host, HDMI, 2 on-board programmable microprocessors (the PRUs) and last but definitely not least: 69 digital GPIO pins and 7 analog inputs to an 12bit ADC.