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Kilobaser DNA & RNA Synthesizer

Your fastest way to DNA & RNA

Kilobaser DNA and RNA Synthesizer is developed to provide scientists around the world with independent and limitless access to essential life science tools. Therefore, it is designed as user friendly as possible. The cartridge and chip technology allows even untrained personnel to complete a successful DNA or RNA synthesis in no time.

The synthesizer you always wished for

Kilobaser Specifications

  • Kilobaser Synthesizer comes in two editions: The Basic Edition, which enables you to synthesize standard DNA, and an extended edition which unlocks modified DNA and RNA synthesis.

    With a price of 30.000€/35.500$ Kilobaser DNA Synthesizer Basic Edition is by far the most affordable synthesizer on the market. The Kilobaser DNA & RNA Synthesizer Extended Edition is still the most affordable solution for in-house DNA and RNA synthesis at only 42,000€/49,500$.

    It is possible to upgrade a Kilobaser Synthesizer Basic Edition to the Extended Edition. For the Extended Edition Upgrade we will charge you 18.000€/21,500$.

  • With a size of 27x33x33 cm the Kilobaser fits on any lab bench without taking up much space.

  • Kilobaser DNA & RNA synthesizer runs with nitrogen or argon gas pressure and therefore requires appropriate gas supply for its functionality. We will provide you country specific gas cylinder kits and help you to choose the right gas.

  • Kilobaser is directly controllable with the included touch screen. It shows you the progress of running synthesis and gives important information about your product.

    If you connect Kilobaser with Wi-Fi, you can control it from any Internet-enabled device.

  • Kilobaser can be fully functional operated offline and thus offers maximum data security. Updates can also be performed offline. Online operation is optional.

  • Our approach to the shape and materials of Kilobaser is perfectly adapted to the lab environment and offers easy and safe handling.

  • Unlike conventional DNA synthesizers, Kilobaser is safe from any liquid leaks thanks to our patented microfluidic chip and cartridge technology. The disposable microfluidic chip forms a closed synthesis system that also protects against contamination during synthesis. The reagent cartridges are shipped filled. There is no need for additional reagents for the synthesis. The resulting liquid waste is also collected in the cartridge.

  • With a cycle time of only 2.5 minutes per base and 30-50 minutes of post-processing, synthesis of DNA and RNA oligos with Kilobaser is up to 6 times faster than with other synthesizers and is ready to use in just a few hours.

  • The microfluid chip contains one micro column on which the synthesis takes place. The chip becomes unusable after completion of one synthesis and must be disposed of.

  • A synthesis has a guarantied total yield of at least 300 pmol yield. If you need exact data for your application, we recommend measuring the concentration after synthesis.

  • In general, oligo quality behaves fairly linearly, so if you have a stepwise yield of 99.5% with 20nt, the same is generally true for 50 or 80nt. You can calculate 0.995^50=0.778, so you can expect ~78% of the 300pmol yield for the full length product for a 50mer.

  • The all-in-one reagent cartridge you need for your synthesis contains all the necessary reagents for your custom DNA or RNA product.

Get to know Kilobaser

We will be happy to answer any questions you have about Kilobaser and show you how easily you can produce custom DNA and RNA oligos in your lab in an exclusive online demo.

Accelerate your research

and improve your workflow in terms of:

on-point project planning

The turnaround time of 2.5 min per base of 30-50 min allows you to accurately calculate the timing of your projects. No delays due to delivery or production bottlenecks.

Lab Automation

In 3 steps and only 2 min manual work you start the fully automated synthesis of your custom oligos and probes. Kilobasers' intuitive user interface allows even untrained personnel to synthesize custom DNA and RNA oligos in no time.

Fast troubleshooting

With unlimited access to DNA and RNA tools, you are able to evaluate and fix emerging problems in your project on the same day.


In just a few hours to your ready-to-use DNA and RNA oligos, you can start new experiments immediately and without waiting time.

Chemical Safety

The reagent cartridge system offers you the highest possible protection from contact with chemical substances. No additional protective measures are necessary.

Kilobaser one & Kilobaser one-XT

Product information and comparison

Kilobaser one

Kilobaser one-XT

Automated Synthesis



DNA Oligo



DNA Probe



Modified DNA



Modified RNA



Basic Support



Extended Support



Scientific Support



Want to learn more about both Kilobaser Synthesizer editions? Find a detailed comparison of the synthesizer specifications in the download below.

DNA & RNA synthesis with Kilobaser

unlimited possibilities

Not just a device

with Kilobaser you enjoy our full service

  • We are constantly developing the software of Kilobaser to make your workflow as easy as possible. Therefore, we will send you updates every now and then, which you can easily install offline on your Kilobaser via USB stick.

  • If something is wrong with your device and it can't be repaired by a software update, we will replace your device with a new one immediately. Optionally, you can extend the 1-year warranty to a maximum of 5 years for an annual fee of 6.000€/7,200$.

  • Our support is available Monday to Friday from 09.00 AM to 06.00 PM (CET) via mail, phone and video call. Requests outside these hours will be answered as soon as possible during the business hours.

    Contact: [email protected]

  • If you are unsure about the results of your experiment, you are welcome to ask our scientific support for assistance. Together we will interpret your results and put together a trouble shooting plan.

  • With the purchase of Kilobaser you are entitled to a free guided installation via video call. A Kilobaser specialist will go through all steps with you until you can start your first synthesis.

    If you want an on-site installation by one of our specialists, we reserve the right to charge an additional 6.000€/7,200$.

  • We understand that our customers often have special requirements for their DNA and RNA modifications, so you are welcome to ask for individual modifications, which will be specially developed in our lab after a price agreement.

You have further questions? Find the answer in our FAQ-Section.

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