Kilobaser device with microfluidic chips and reagent cartridge

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Kilobaser Multi-Rack

The high throughput solution for fastest DNA probe synthesis

Kilobaser MultiRack is designed to provide laboratories with high demand for DNA probes with the easiest and fastest procurement option. Our patented cartridge and microfluidic chip technology allows simultaneous synthesis of up to 6 different labeled DNA oliogos within 2 hours.

Status Quo

So far, the workflow of DNA probe synthesis for multiplex PCR with Kilobaser one-XT is fairly simple and already works much faster than conventional DNA probe procurement routes. However, the current problem is that different DNA probes can only be synthesized sequentially and require cartridge swapping. Therefore, at the time being, synthesizing up to 6 differently labeled DNA probes takes about 24 hours.

We can do better!

improve your workflow in terms of:

offline data storage

As usual with Kilobaser, you can operate the Kilobaser MultiRack completely offline. Your data is therefore 100% safe from possible cyber attacks. The sequences of your multiplex projects are stored in a single location, making them super accessible. Thus, modifying and re-synthesizing sequences is simplified to a degree hitherto unseen.

Turnaround Time

The Kilobaser MultiRack provides a complete solution that allows for the simultaneous synthesis of up to 6 differently labeled and unlabeled DNA oligos in merely 2 hours. This radically cuts the time from probe design to the start of experiments by the factor 1000 compared to conventional DNA probe procurement methods!

Status Tracking

The single panel control offers maximum ease of use through its neat arrangement of controls. At one glance, all the important information, such as synthesis status, resuspension volume, sequence and time to completion can be tracked.

High Throughput

To provide a high throughput DNA synthesis solution for fast and intuitive DNA probe sourcing, we are currently developing the Kilobaser MultiRack. Consisting of up to 6 Kilobaser DNA & RNA Synthesizer Extended Editions controlled from a singular panel.

only 3 steps

In the style of our 3-step synthesis, the operation process is foolproof from beginning to end. All you need to do is insert the chip, program the sequence, and press start.
Kilobaser personal DNA and RNA synthesizer in benchtop size. Print your DNA oligos, RNA oligos and DNA probes on demand.
Kilobaser DNA Synthesizer machine for in-house DNA Synthesis. Microfluidic chip based. Synthesize DNA oligos, DNA primer, DNA probes in less than 2h. Standard DNA cartridge for benchtop DNA Synthesizer.
Microfluidic Chip with integrated CPG column, modified with BHQ1- Quencher dye, for DNA probe synthesis. Kilobaser DNA Synthesizer machine for in-house DNA Synthesis. Microfluidic chip based. Synthesize DNA oligos, DNA primer, DNA probes in less than 2h.

Make it yours

Combine our patented reagent cartridges and microfluidic chips for custom modified oligos. We are constantly developing new products to meet your needs.

Soon available: SIMA (HEX) reagent cartridge

Can't wait?

Our development team is currently working at full speed to enable the planned product launch.

Learn more about Kilobaser MultiRack and its possibilities in your lab in an exclusive online demo!

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