TaqMan Probes

Dual labeled DNA probes

The all-rounder among custom DNA probes, the TaqMan probe is mainly used for the detection of specific sequences. In combination with a PCR method, it can be used in a variety of ways. Whether target DNA or RNA, there are almost no limits to using TaqMan probe.

With the Kilobaser one-XT, you have unlimited access to custom TaqMan probes for PCR experiments at any time.

Start your TaqMan Probe Synthesis right away

with Kilobaser one-XT

Just 2 consumables and 3 easy steps:

Label your TaqMan probe with our 6-FAM cartridge at the 5′ end with a 6-FAM reporter dye. With one 6-FAM cartridge you can synthesize up to 100 nucleotides!

Use one BHQ-1 chip per synthesis to label your TaqMan probe on the 3′ end with a BHQ-1 quencher.

Dual labeled DNA Probes with Kilobaser

custom TaqMan Probes in 3 steps


enter sequence

Enter your DNA probe sequence using the included touch screen, USB flash drive or your computer.

insert chip & cartridge

Insert Kilobasers' patented microfluidic chip & reagent cartridge for your TaqMan probe synthesis.

press start

Just 2.5 min per nucleotide later your custom TaqMan probe is dried and synthesized!

You want to learn more about DNA probe and RNA probe synthesis with Kilobaser?

about Taq-Man Probes

Possible Methods & Applications:

  • Real-Time/qPCR

  • RT-qPCR

  • Pathogen detection

  • Genotyping assay

  • Gene expression assay

  • Micro RNA assay

  • Mutation detection

  • Protein quantification

TaqMan probes are short DNA sequences with a fluorescent label at each end. The 5‘-end modifier serves as a reporter and is induced to fluoresce at a specific wavelength. The quencher, the DNA modification at the 3‘-end, absorbs the emitted light from the reporter as long as it is in close proximity.

During PCR extension, the probe is cleaved nucleotide by nucleotide from the target DNA by a 5′ exonuclease activity of the Taq polymerase. Thus, the reporter is also cleaved from the target DNA and moves further away from the quencher. This results in an increasing signal.

FAQ – TaqMan Probes

  • Your cartridge contains enough reagents for 100 bases. The number of TaqMan probes you can synthesize depends on the length of your sequence.

    For example:

    Sequence length: 25 bases
    Number of probes: 4

  • First of all you need a Kilobaser one-XT.

    With this you can not only synthesize TaqMan probes, but also standard DNA oligos, FISH probes and even RNA.

    You also need our 6-FAM DNA cartridge, which contains all the reagents you need for your synthesis.

    Finally, you will need one of our patented BHQ-1 chips per TaqMan sample synthesis. The BHQ-1 quencher for your synthesis is bonded to this chip.

  • Yes, of course you can test the TaqMan probes beforehand.

    Just send us your desired sequence using the linked form.

    If you want to learn more about Kilobaser personal synthesizer in the meantime, just book your exclusive online demo and we will answer all your questions!

    We are looking forward to it!

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