6-FAM DNA reagent cartridge for Kilobaser one-XT personal DNA & RNA synthesizer.

6-FAM DNA - Cartridge

  • Reagent volume for 100 DNA bases + 6-FAM modification (5′-end)

  • 75 nucleotides each of A, T, C and G

  • Standard DNA synthesis without labeling possible

  • Shelf life of 1 year

  • Store at -20°C

  • Use within 1 week of opening

  • No additional reagents needed

  • This product is for use with Kilobaser one-XT only

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Details – 6-FAM DNA

  • For unlabeled DNA oligos, combine the cartridge with standard chip.

    For FISH probes, combine the cartridge with the 6-FAM label chip.

    For TaqMan probes, combine the cartridge with the BHQ-1 quencher chip.

  • One 6-FAM reagent cartridge holds material for 100 bases. Depending on the length of your sequence, you get different numbers of oligos out of it.
    Here examples:
    5 oligos with 20 bases
    6 oligos with 16 bases + 4 bases left
    7 oligos with 14 bases + 2 bases left

  • We've shaken up decades of established chemical dna synthesis and advanced the chemicals to eliminate the need for halogenated solvents! At the same time, the system remains compatible with the vast ecosystem of DNA & RNA modifications. Our patented cartridges simplify handling so dramatically that there is no contact with the chemistry. To ensure safe handling, the cartridges are a closed system, even the waste stays in the cartridge! You don't even need to know what's in it! 😉

  • The cartridges must be disposed of as solvent waste.
    We have done our best to make our consumables as environmentally friendly as possible. Therefore, we have developed our DNA & RNA synthesis in such a way that, unlike usual, no halogenated solvents are needed.

    Our microfluid chips can simply be disposed of with the laboratory waste.

  • Typical delivery time for out of stock products is 6 weeks, but please check with [email protected] for urgent requests.

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