OliPure HIC Purification Kit - Supply

  • HIC column based oligonucleotide purification

  • Purification in less than 10 minutes

  • For sample volume between 20 and 120μL

  • For DNA/RNA oligonucleotides with a length of ≥ 12nt

  • High recovery rate of ~75%

  • 10 purification tubes in one kit

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Details – OliPure HIC Purification Kit

  • HIC stands for Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography, which is achieved by using phenyl-modified agarose as the column. The features of this column ensure that hydrophobic and small molecules such as unbound dyes and salt are retained, while DNA/RNA oligonucleotides leave the column immediately.

    This HIC column is placed in a micro-spin tube to allow purification by centrifugation. Since DNA/RNA oligonucleotides are not affected by the column, purified DNA/RNA can be obtained in a single spin-down.

    • Purification of probes after synthesis

    • Desalting of oligonucleotides after synthesis

    • Purification of probes after fluorescent labeling

    • Removal of phenol after phenol-chloroform extraction

  • Probes of the same concentration but with different degrees of purification will have different absorbance spectra due to the degree of unbound dye contamination. For 6-FAM and BHQ-1 labeled DNA probes, absorbance at 495nm varies depending on the amount of unbound 6-FAM.

    Accordingly, the unpurified probe shows the highest signal at 495nm, indicating unbound dye from oligonucleotide synthesis. Purification of the probe using the OliPure HIC Kit reduces unbound 6-FAM to the same low levels seen in HPLC-purified probes.

    Absorbance spectra of three double-labeled (6-FAM+BHQ-1) DNA probes at the same concentration, but purified in different ways: probe synthesized with Kilobaser one-XT unpurified (black) and purified with Kilobaser OliPure HIC kit (purple) and a HPLC purified probe from a service provider (blue).

  • 10 x OliPure HIC tubes for purification of 10 samples

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