BHQ-1 Quencher microfluidic chips for Kilobaser one-XT personal DNA & RNA synthesizer.

BHQ-1 Quencher - Chip

  • BHQ-1 modification anchored (3′-end)

  • Shelf life of 1 year

  • Store dry and dark at room temperature

  • Do not remove the chip’s foil!

  • One disposable chip is needed per synthesis

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Details – BHQ-1 Quencher

  • For TaqMan probes, combine the chip with the 6-FAM DNA cartridge.

  • Since the number of syntheses possible with one cartridge is not fixed (sequence length dependent), we offer the chips for sale individually.

    You require as many chips as you want to synthesize probes. Since you need a new chip for each synthesis.

  • The cartridges must be disposed of as solvent waste.

    We have done our best to make our consumables as environmentally friendly as possible. Therefore, we have developed our DNA & RNA synthesis in such a way that, unlike usual, no halogenated solvents are needed.

    Our microfluid chips can simply be disposed of with the laboratory waste.

  • Typical delivery time for out of stock products is 6 weeks, but please check with [email protected] for urgent requests.

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