Kilobaser Platform

Microfluidic Synthesizer

Kilobaser device with microfluidic chips and reagent cartridge

Kilobaser Platform

Microfluidic Synthesizer

World’s first microfluidic chip and cartridge based DNA and RNA Synthesizer. Create molecular tools in no time on your own lab bench.

The microfluidic System

The core of our system is a single-use microfluidic chip sized 76mm x 26mm. The microfluidic chip combines and miniaturizes all essential functions of a conventional automated solid-phase synthesizer.

The Benefits

Conventional desktop synthesizer use tubings, solenoid fluid valves and large columns to synthesize DNA oligos and RNA oligos. While these older systems are significantly slower due to the long fluid paths and produce a large amount of waste due to the large dead volume, our patented microfluidic system is significantly faster and consumes 50x less reagents.

microfluidic chip on black background
Microfluidic Chip in DNA Synthesizer, RNA Synthesizer

How the microfluidic chip works

13 fluid channels, nearly as thin as human hairs, guide the reagents from the inlet ports at the edges of the microfluidic chip to the tiny fluid valves in the center of the chip. These fluid valves are opened and closed via external pneumatic pressure. Once a fluid valve openes, the reagents flow to the micro column.

The micro column houses porous material (the solid phase) to increase the surface area – on the surface there are linker molecules attached, which allow first nucleotides to bond to the surface. Nucleotide after nucleotide becomes linked to the growing DNA or RNA oligos, until the desired sequence is ready and finally cleaved from the solid phase. 300 picomoles of a sequence are synthesized.

Reagent Cartridge in DNA Synthesizer, RNA Synthesizer

The reagent cartridge system

Thanks to the greatly reduced reagent consumption of our microfluidic system, we were able to introduce another innovation for DNA & RNA synthesis: the reagent cartridge.

Cartridge Details

At a size of just 100mm x 60mm x 50mm a cartridge houses enough reagents (20mL total volume) to synthesize up to 150 nucleotides in total – for example 6 DNA primers with 25 bases each. Each cartridge contains a minimum of 4 DNA or RNA bases, 8 auxiliary reagents or solvents, as well as fluid waste containers.

How the cartridge works and what we offer

The Kilobaser platform pressurizes the individual reagent containers and pumps the reagents into our microfluidic chip, where the actual synthesis is carried out. Currently all our cartridges use phosphoramidite chemistry to synthesize oligos.

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