FISH Probes

Single labeled DNA probes

These highly specific binding DNA/RNA probes are the detectives in cell research. Whether in an organ sample, cell, cell compartment or chromosome, no target sequence remains hidden from them.

Synthesize your custom FISH probes with Kilobaser one-XT right in your lab, whenever you need them!

Start your FISH Probe Synthesis right away

with Kilobaser one-XT

Just 2 consumables and 3 easy steps:

Label your custom FISH probe with our 6-FAM cartridge at the 5′ end with a 6-FAM reporter. With one 6-FAM cartridge you can synthesize up to 100 nucleotides!

Combine the cartridge with one 6-FAM label chip per FISH probe synthesis.

FISH probe synthesis with Kilobaser

ready-to-use FISH probes in 3 steps


enter sequence

Enter your DNA sequence using the included touch screen, USB flash drive or your computer.

insert chip & cartridge

Insert Kilobasers' patented microfluidic chip & reagent cartridge for DNA probe synthesis.

press start

Within two hours you get your custom FISH probe!

You want to learn more about synthesis with Kilobaser one-XT DNA & RNA Synthesizer?

FISH probe application

Depending on whether DNA oligos or RNA oligos are fluorescently labeled, different applications arise.

DNA FISH probes

  • Gene (mutation) detection

  • Chromosomal gene localization

  • Genetic analysis

  • Microbial detection

RNA FISH probes

  • Transcript sequence detection

  • Gene expression analysis

FAQ – FISH Probes

  • FISH probes synthesized with Kilobaser one-XT are labeled with 6-FAM fluorescent dye at the 5'-end.

  • Yes! With the Kilobaser one-XT you will get crude dryed FISH probes. Since the synthesis requires extremely few reagents, the by-products in your synthesis are minimal.

    With in-situ hybridization, you do not need to clean your probe separately, as washing steps are included in this application.

    If you still want to clean your probes, you can easily do it yourself with our purification kit. Contact [email protected] for this.

  • YES, you can!

    With Kilobaser one-XT you are able to synthesize fully 2'MOE modified RNA or fully phosphorothioated RNA labeled on 5'-end with 6-FAM fluorescent dye.

You have further questions? Find the answer in our FAQ-Section.

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