How to

setup and operate Kilobaser Synthesizers

Welcome to the Kilobaser learning platform! Find out how to synthesize DNA and RNA yourself in less than 2 hours and find everything about the handling and setup of your personal DNA and RNA synthesizer. You want to experience Kilobaser handling live? Then book your desired date for an online demo!

How to unbox & set up Kilobaser DNA & RNA Synthesizer?

Congratulations on your decision to smoothen your daily lab routine. You finally have your own DNA synthesizer and the freedom to plan your projects and experiments independently!

How to connect a gas supply to Kilobaser?

Kilobaser is a column based DNA synthesizer working with gas pressure.

How to change the reagent cartridge of Kilobaser?

For DNA synthesis, alongside the actual bases, other reagents are required. We have filled all the necessary reagents in a ready-to-use cartridge for you. The only thing left to do is placing the cartridge into the Kilobaser.

How to synthesize DNA with Kilobaser?

DNA synthesis should not be a task you have to struggle with. You want to get your DNA as easily and quickly as possible. That’s why we designed Kilobaser to be especially user-friendly.

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