How to connect a gas supply to Kilobaser?

Kilobaser is a column based DNA synthesizer working with gas pressure.

Learn how to connect a gas supply from Alex

Valves on a microfluidic chip are opened and closed to provide the appropriate reagents for each step of the synthesis. In addition to transporting the reagents, the gas also protects the reagents from moisture, giving the reagents a long shelf life.

We recommend to use argon gas, because argon is heavier than air and will protect the reagents when you open the Kilobaser. You can also use nitrogen, but this is very volatile and offers no additional protection.

What you need:

  • Gas: Argon or Nitrogen

  • Source: Houseline or bottle (200 bar)

  • Pressure outlet: 6 bar

  • Connector: 6 mm O.D. flexible pneumatic tubing (provided)

Step 1:

Set the outlet pressure to 6 bar

Step 2:

Put one part of the provided 6mm tube on the connector of the gas bottle and the other part into Kilobaser

Step 3:

Open the gas bottle valve

further steps and information

Now Kilobaser is ready to use. Let Alex show you how to start your first DNA synthesis. For more detailed information about the gas supply check out our blog post: Gas Supply for Kilobaser.

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