How to synthesize DNA with Kilobaser?

DNA synthesis should not be a task you have to struggle with. You want to get your DNA as easily and quickly as possible. That’s why we designed Kilobaser to be especially user-friendly.

Step by Step guide to synthesizing DNA with Kilobaser

Step 1:

Enter your sequence on the touchscreen or connected PC.

Step 2:

Follow the steps shown on the Screen

  • Open Lid

  • Remove placeholder

  • Insert microfluidic chip and standard 0,2 mL PCR vial

  • Close Lid

  • The synthesis is started automatically after the lid is closed.

Step 3:

As soon as the synthesis is finished (~2h), you can run a synthesis again or return the Kilobaser to the initial state.

Add sequence:

Repeat the above steps. Make sure you insert an unused microfluidic chip.

Finish up:

The Screen will tell you what to do

  • Open Lid

  • Remove microfluidic chip and PCR Vial

  • Insert placeholder

  • Close Lid


Kilobaser needs a gas supply to function. The reagent cartridge is already inserted, containing all reagents needed for your DNA product. Learn more on how to insert and replace the cartridge.

You want to learn more about Kilobaser?

You are only 3 steps away from your ready-to-use DNA. Take a closer look and let us explain all the details in your exclusive demo!

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