Black Hole Quencher 1 is known for its large absorption range from 480nm – 580nm. This is why BHQ-1 is so popular as quencher modification on dual labeled DNA probes.

With Kilobaser one-XT, you have unlimited access to custom modified DNA and RNA for your projects at any time.

Start your DNA Probe Synthesis right away

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Just 2 consumables and 3 easy steps:

Synthesize TaqMan or Molecular Beacon probes with our 6-FAM cartridge for reporter labeling in combination with our BHQ-1 chip for quencher labeling.

Quencher labeling with Kilobaser

ready-to-use probes in 3 Steps


enter sequence

Enter your DNA sequence using the included touch screen, USB flash drive or your computer.

insert chip & cartridge

Insert Kilobasers' patented microfluidic chip & reagent cartridge for DNA probe synthesis.

press start

Within two hours you get your customized DNA probe!

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about black hole quencher

The principle:

Since BHQ-1 absorbs wavelengths from 480 to 580nm and has no fluorescent property itself. As a result, very little background noise is generated. Therefore, it makes the signal detection of a corresponding reporter very accurate.

So-called FRET (fluorescence resonance energy transfer) probes are based on the principle of emitting reporter and absorbing quencher in proximity. Only when there is distance between reporter and quencher, the emission can be fully detected.

Usually, a quencher is added at the 3′-end of a DNA sequence. On Kilobaser BHQ-1 chip, the BHQ-1 is anchored to the CPG material of the microcolumn. This ensures every synthesis starts with the quencher modification. In combination with a suitable reporter, such as 6-FAM fluorescent dye at the 5′-end of the DNA probe, many applications become possible.

BHQ-1 probes with Kilobaser

  • BHQ-1 quencher modification is anchored to the column on the microfluidic chip. Each oligo synthesized with the BHQ-1 quencher chip is modified with the BHQ-1 quencher at its 3' end.

  • Combine BHQ-1 quencher chip with the 6-FAM DNA cartridge to synthesize your custom DNA probes.

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