How to unbox & set up Kilobaser DNA & RNA Synthesizer?

Congratulations on your decision to smoothen your daily lab routine. You finally have your own DNA synthesizer and the freedom to plan your projects and experiments independently! Before you start synthesizing, Lisa-Marie shows you how to unpack Kilobaser and install it properly.

Hear from Lisa-Marie
how to unbox and set up Kilobaser


The package contains:

  • Short set-up instruction
  • Wrench for pressure regulator
  • 6mm pneumatic gas tubing
  • Power cable
  • Power supply
  • Display
  • USBC to USB-A cable
  • WIFI stick
  • HDMI to mini-HDMI cable
  • Pressure regulator with output barometer and gas adapter G1/4
  • Kilobaser device
  • Placeholder (inside the device)


All connectors are on the back of the Kilobaser.

Step 1:

Connect display

  • To connect the display, plug the USB-C cable and the HDMI cable into the Kilobaser.
  • If you want to context your Kilobaser to the internet, plug in the WLAN USB in the USB port on the back of the Kilobaser.


Step 2:

Connect gas supply

  • You must connect a gas supply to Kilobaser for it to work. We highly recommend argon or nitrogen gas.
  • Use your houseline or a 1/10/50 l (200 bar) argon or nitrogen gas bottle. First, attach the provided pressure regulator to the gas source and tighten it with the enclosed wrench.
  • Afterwards, connect one end of the blue 6mm O.D. flexible gas tubing to the pressure regulator and the other end to the 6mm push-in connector of Kilobaser.
  • Set the outlet pressure between minimum 6 bar and maximum 10 bar


Step 3:

Connect power

  • Plug in the power cable on the back of your Kilobaser, connect it with the power supply.
  • Finally, you can plug in your Kilobaser and turn it on.

further steps and information

Perfect, your Kilobaser is now ready for the first DNA synthesis! Here, Alex will show you what to do next. If you have more questions about the gas connection, Alex will tell you more in this video.

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