How to unbox & set up Kilobaser?

Lisa-Marie, our Head of Sales, will show you how to unbox and how to set up Kilobaser. First, she will unbox all items needed for setting up Kilobaser properly. Afterwards Lisa-Marie will guide you through the steps of connecting all included cables at the correct locations of Kilobaser.

The package includes:
  • Kilobaser device
  • Placeholder (inside of the device)
  • Mini Set-up Instruction
  • Power supply
  • Power cable
  • Display
  • HDMI to mini-HDMI cable
  • USBC to USB-A cable
  • WIFI stick
  • Pressure regulator with output barometer and gas adapter G1/4
  • 6mm pneumatic gas tubing
  • Wrench
1. Display

All cables are connected on the back side of Kilobaser. After inserting the WIFI stick into a USB port, the USBC and HDMI cable are connected to Kilobaser.


2. Gas supply

Many labs have an argon gas houseline. If that is not the case, we recommend using a 10 or 50 liters argon gas bottle. In the video we use a 10 liter argon gas bottle. After attaching the pressure regulator to the gas bottle by hand, screw it on tightly with the wrench, which is coming along with the device. Afterwards connect one end of the blue 6mm O.D. flexible gas tubing to the pressure regulator and the other end to the 6mm push-in connector of Kilobaser. Then you fully open the gas bottle, follow the signs on the bolt in order to open and close the bottle properly. On the big gauge of the pressure regulator you can see the gas pressure inside the bottle. Gas bottles usually have up to 200 bars. The smaller gauge shows you the outlet pressure, which you set to at least 6 bars and maximum 10 bars. For Kilobaser it should be preset to 7 bars, if that is not the case, make sure the adjustment nob is turned to the right.


3. Power supply

In the last step connect the power supply to Kilobaser and to the power cable and finally plug it in. Make sure to connect the power supply to Kilobaser before connecting the power supply to the wall outlet.

Setting up your Kilobaser is easy. After all cables are connected properly, Kilobaser can be switched on and after inserting the consumables, Kilobaser is ready to synthesize DNA oligonucleotides.

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