Meiwafosis – Exclusive Distributor in Japan

Meiwafosis is exclusive distributor for Kilobaser DNA & RNA Synthesizer in Japan.

Kilobaser goes to Japan

Meiwafosis, the leading supplier of advanced solution for Genetic Research in Japan, recently announced that it had secured the exclusive rights to the distribution of Kilobaser – our Benchtop DNA Synthesizer in Japan.

This partnership will allow researchers in the field of genetic engineering and synthetic biology research and development to benefit from the advanced capabilities of Kilobaser- Express DNA machine. The device incorporates a novel microfluidic fluidic chip and cartridge technology, which allows every scientist to make standard primers as well as fluorescent probes (TaqMan and FISH probes) in less than 2 hours. Further cartridges, which make it possible to synthesize a large variety of modified oligos will be released in the next months.

Kilobaser empowers scientists to reallocate lab time to experiment design, data analysis, and presenting results – instead of ordering and waiting for DNA oligos. With low acquisition costs, simple infrastructure, a maximum of user friendliness, Kilobaser provides an innovative kind of DNA synthesis, that allows every lab to produce versatile DNA primer and probes fast and cheap. Kilobaser contributes to the development of various applications in molecular biology research and medical diagnostics e.g., PCR, qPCR, cloning, sequencing, gene detection, Southern blot and Fluorescence-in-situ-hybridization (‘FISH’).

Kilobaser DNA Synthesizer machine for in-house DNA Synthesis. Microfluidic chip based. Synthesize DNA oligos, DNA primer, DNA probes in less than 2h.

About Meiwafosis

Meiwafosis Co., Ltd. has been contributing to Japan’s scientific research by providing state-of-the-art instruments from overseas manufacturers and its own products since 1968. With its expertise and experience, Meiwafosis has served various research institutes including universities, colleges, and private companies in the fields of biology, nanotech and environmental sciences. Well-trained staff members in major cities (Tokyo, Osaka, Sendai and Nagoya) support customers all over Japan. Meiwafosis continually strives to be aware of its customers‘ needs and provide them with the most suitable solutions.

Meiwafosis Team at their new Osaka office in October, 2019. From left to right: Sales Administration - Akiko Fujihara, Accounting - Megumi Nakajima, Service & Maintenance Leader - Hiroshi Imakita, Manager - Takuya Hamano, Section Manager - Syunsuke Nishimura, Leader (Kilobaser Product Leader) - Nobuyuki Ozaki, Chief - Satoru Hashimoto, Service & Maintenance - Tatsuya Fukushima.

About Kilobaser

Kilobaser GmbH was founded in 2014 by Alexander Murer, Martin Jost and Bernhard Tittelbach, 3 engineers as well as biologists. We launched our same named product Kilobaser in April 2020. Using our expertise in DNA chemistry in combination with our novel microfluidic technology, we launched a fluorescent probe product in February 2021.

Our goal is that scientists worldwide can make DNA primer and DNA probes in their lab instead of being dependent on mailorder services. Thus, reducing the disruption of supply chains by equipping research labs with desktop DNA synthesizers. We are constantly working on the improvement of DNA synthesis and making life easier for scientists by facilitating smooth workflows in the lab.

Send us an email for more information about Kilobaser at:, or request a free online demo.

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