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The term multiplexing refers to the use of multiple fluorescent dyes to examine different elements in a single sample. Numerous fluorescent dyes with unique emission spectra are available that can be used to differentially label probes for different targets. Multiplexing thus allows different targets to be observed in parallel, giving more context to the observations and consequently more meaningful results.

The Kilobaser solutions

for high demand on different DNA
probes for multiplex PCR

Kilobaser MultiRack is a high throughput solution for fastest DNA probe sourcing. Synthesize up to 6 labeled DNA probes simultaneously in just 2 hours! Start jour Multiplex PCR Applications the same day you designed your probes.

Kilobaser Multi-Rack

High throughput device for the simultaneous synthesis of up to 6 different DNA probes for multiplex PCR.

Kilobaser MultiClick Kit is a click chemistry based dna probe preparation kit. Synthesize DNA with a hexynyl anchor with Kilobaser DNA Synthesizer and add your desired Azid-conjugated fluorescent probe

Kilobaser Multi-Click Kit

Click chemistry-based reagent cartridge and dye kit for easy preparation of various DNA probes for multiplex PCR.

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We will be happy to answer any questions you have about Kilobaser and show you how easily you can produce custom DNA and RNA probes in your lab in an exclusive online demo.

Kilobaser DNA Synthesizer machine for in-house DNA Synthesis. Microfluidic chip based. Synthesize DNA oligos, DNA primer, DNA probes in less than 2h.

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