How to change the reagent cartridge of Kilobaser?

For DNA synthesis, alongside the actual bases, other reagents are required. We have filled all the necessary reagents in a ready-to-use cartridge for you. The only thing left to do is placing the cartridge into the Kilobaser. Once a reagent cartridge is used up or expired, you have to exchange it. Don’t worry if you don’t realize rigt away when the cartridge needs to be changed! Your Kilobaser will tell you as soon as you want to start a DNA synthesis.

Changing the reagent cartridge of Kilobaser – hear directly from our CEO


Step 1:

Start your DNA synthesis  as usual until Kilobaser prompts you to change the reagent cartridge.

Step 2:

Follow these 3 steps, which will take you through the reagent exchange process:

  • Release the cartridge
  • Exchange cartridge
  • Press ‚confirm‘ to log the cartridge

By inserting a new reagent cartridge, 20 minutes are added ahead of the actual synthesis to automatically prepare the new phosphoramidites. DNA synthesis starts automatically as soon as the cartridge is ready.


You can also change the reagent cartridge before the consumption or expiration of an old one.
Be aware that you can no longer use the old cartridge!

  • To force cartridge exchange, click the extended options menu at your entered sequence.
  • Select the option force cartridge change.
  • Now follow the steps as described above.

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