DNA Synthesizers Listed By Total Yield

The performance of DNA synthesizers in terms of their total yield varies depending on design and technology. This is for the simple reason that different lab applications consume different amounts of DNA. The list of the 10 most popular DNA synthesizers and service providers should help you to find the best fitting DNA synthesizer for your needs in terms of total yield. The data is based on the information provided by the manufacturers.



Yuekd (mol)



(Service provider)

0,2 fmol

Array based



300 pmol

Microfluidic chip based

DNA Script


300 pmol

Solid support + iDNA


(Service provider)

25 nmol – 10 µmol

Classic column based

OligoMaker Aps

OligoMaker series

10 nmol – 1 µmol

Classic column based


Polygen series

10 nmol – 5 µmol

Classic column based

K&A Laborgeraete

H series

n/a – 40 µmol

Classic column based


Dr. Oligo series

2 nmol – 5 µmol

Classic column based


Oligopilot series

250 µmol – 1,8 mol

Classic column based


CS series

200 µmol – 4 mol

Classic column based

What is the limiting factor for the total yield?

In solid phase synthesis, all reagents pass through a column packed with solid phase. On the column surface, there are linkers on which a DNA strand grows during the synthesis.
The more surface area available, the more linkers, and at the same time DNA strands, have room for synthesis. So it is the column size, or surface area, that is the limiting factor.

However, a large column requires a large amount of synthesis chemicals. Some synthesizers allow the user to adjust the column size, but only within narrow limits. The dead volume of a system always remains the same and thus cannot be reduced by a smaller column. The maximum possible reagent flow rate of a synthesizer limits the column size upwards.

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