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2′-MOE RNA cartridge

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For Kilobaser one-XT

This ready-to-use 2′-MOE RNA cartridge contains all required reagents for your in-house RNA synthesis. Synthesize 150 bases in total with one cartridge. Each cartridge contains 75 nucleotides of A, U, C and G. An extra vial safely collects all waste generated during your custom 2′-MOE RNA oligo synthesis.


These RNA products are suitable for research and development and should not be used for therapeutic purposes.

DETAILS – modified RNA Cartridge


The 2'-O-methoxyethyl RNA backbone (2'-MOE) offers improved duplex stability, significant nuclease resistance, and relatively low toxicity. As a result, 2'-MOE is an attractive backbone for many therapeutic approachesChemical structure of 2'-MOE RNA - a Kilobaser graphic.

Chip Combination

Combine your desired modified RNA cartridge with Kilobaser standard chip for your RNA synthesis.

How it Works


enter your sequence

Enter your RNA sequence using the included touch screen, USB flash drive or your computer.

insert chip & cartridge

Insert Kilobaser's innovative microfluidic chip & reagent cartridge for RNA synthesis.

press start

Within two hours you get your ready-to-use RNA oligo!

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