6-FAM DNA probes cartridge

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DNA probes with kilobaser

Synthesize fluorescent DNA probes (e.g. TaqMan and FISH) in less than 2 hours – in your own lab – with the same Kilobaser benchtop DNA synthesizer – but with our new consumables for probe synthesis.

DETAILS – 6-fam dna probe Cartridge


The Synthesis Platform consists of the actual synthesis device Kilobaser and two consumables - DNA Cartridges & Fluidic Chips.

For operation, both consumables must be inserted into the device.

A DNA cartridge contains all necessary synthesis reagents (especially the 4 base building blocks for adenine, guanine, cytosine, thymine in the form of phosphoramidites) for a total of 150 bases.

The instrument uses argon gas pressure to transfer the reagent required for each synthesis step from the cartridge into the Fluidic Chip. The Fluidic Chip has two main functions:

  1. The tiny fluid valves on it control the flow of reagents;
  2. In the micro-synthesis chamber (classically known as ‘columns’), the actual solid- phase synthesis of the DNA oligos takes place. To synthesize a DNA oligo with 20 bases, Kilobaser needs less than 1.5 hours, and the yield is around 300 picomoles.
The cartridges can be combined with each other as desired, allowing various options:
  • The 6-FAM cartridges and DNA Fluidic Chips can be used to produce one or more DNA probes labeled at the 5’ end 6-FAM with a total of up to 100 bases, also known as FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization) probes.
  • Using the BHQ-1 Fluidic Chips and a standard DNA cartridge, multiple DNA primers labeled at the 3’ end BHQ-1 can be prepared with a total of up to 150 bases.
  • Combining the 6-FAM probe cartridge and BHQ-1 Fluidic Chips for synthesis, one or more TaqMan DNA probes with a total of up to 100 bases can be produced, also known as TaqMan probes.

6-FAM cartridge: A 6-FAM cartridge with 100 bases content costs € 200.
BHQ-1 Chips: A BHQ-1 chip costs € 40.

A starter set (with 5 chips) thus costs 400€ and allows, for example, the synthesis of 5x FAM-BHQ1 DNA probes with 20 arbitrary bases each and yields of 300pmol each. In addition to the speed advantage, this also results in significant cost advantages.

Alternatively, the synthesis of 2x FAM-BHQ-1 DNA probes with 50 bases each would also be possible, for example. The remaining 3 chips can then be used with the next cartridge.

Ready for TaqMan assays in less than two hours

Figure: Representative qPCR amplification plots of 6-FAM & BHQ-1 probes (20nt) made by Kilobaser and commercial synthesis provider Eurofins. Kilobaser probes were applied without further post-processing as well as after size exclusion purification. The results show no performance difference of Kilobaser probes compared to commercial probes.

How it Works


enter your sequence

Enter your DNA sequence using the touch screen, USB flash drive or your computer.

insert fluidic chip

Insert a single-use fluidic chip and a standard PCR-style 0.2mL tube.

DNA is ready

A typical PCR primer is ready to use in less than 2 hours.

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