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Multi-Click Kit

Produce various DNA probes in small scale

With the Kilobaser MultiClick Kit, you can easily synthesize and construct a variety of custom DNA probes in your lab. With the principle of click chemistry, the world of azide-conjugated DNA dyes is open to you.

Consisting of a anchor-DNA reagent cartridge, various azide-conjugated modifications and the Kilobaser OliPure HIC Kit, Kilobaser MultiClick Kit is your solution for high specific DNA modification needs.

Click Chemistry DNA labeling with Kilobaser Multi-Click Kit

ready-to-use DNA probes in 3 steps



Synthesize 5'-anchor labeled DNA oligos with Kilobaser MultiClick reagent cartridge.


Add Azide conjugated DNA modification of your choice from Kilobaser MultiClick Kit and incubate.


Purify the finished DNA probe using Kilobaser OliPure Purification Kit included in Kilobaser MultiClick.

About Click Chemistry

The principle of CuAAC

In click chemistry, two functional groups bind to each other, each on a molecule. We use Cu(I)-catalyzed azide-alkyne click chemistry (CuAAC). As the name implies, the binding reaction is catalyzed by Cu(I) ions. Thus, the DNA-bound 5’-Hexynyl Phosphoramidite anchor binds in a Cu(I) environment with the azide conjugated dye to form a stable alkyne.

Can't wait?

Kilobaser Multi-Click Kit is currently in the final testing phase and will be available soon.

Learn more about Kilobaser MultiClick and its possibilities in an exclusive online demo or try it right away!

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