Kilobaser personal DNA and RNA synthesizer in benchtop size. Print your DNA oligos, RNA oligos and DNA probes on demand.

Kilobaser one-XT - DNA/RNA Synthesizer

Benchtop sized DNA and RNA synthesizer for synthesis with all Kilobaser reagent cartridges and chips.

  1. (Modified) DNA & RNA oligo synthesis

  2. Automated synthesis

  3. Total yield ~300pmol

  4. Cycle time ~2.5min

  5. Recommended oligo length between 8nt to 50nt

  6. Final deprotection and drying step

  7. Display incl.

This is not a medical device.

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Details – Kilobaser one-XT

    • Software

    • Touch screen display

    • Power cable + supply

    • USBC to USB-A cable

    • WIFI stick

    • HDMI to mini-HDMI cable

    • Pressure regulator with output barometer and gas adapter G1/4

    • Wrench for pressure regulator

    • 6mm pneumatic gas tubing

    • Placeholder (inside the device)

    • Short set-up instruction

    • 1 year warranty

    • Detailed training in software and hardware as well as extended customer support

  • Yes, we offer all software updates free of charge!

  • No, internet is optional for remote support, but never required. Updates can also be done by you manually and offline with usb stick. We will ask you in the process of informing you about a new software update, in which form you want to perform it.

  • The Kilobaser will be shipped in a wooden box with the dimensions 40x40x60cm, ~27kg. Depending on the quantity of ordered cartridges and chips in DAP15 and DAP20 boxes between 2 and 4 kg.

    We ship mainly with DHL and in exceptional cases with FedEx.

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