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  • We offer development and small scale production of individual DNA and RNA modifications for synthesis with Kilobaser one-XT DNA & RNA synthesizer.

  • The price depends on development effort, reagent costs, time and manufacturing quantity.

  • For individual requests, please contact: [email protected]

  • Here you can download a synthesis quality report for XDN, an example of our customized cartridges.

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Details – Customized

  • The cartridge volume depends on the type of your indifidual modification. In case you want a 5'-end modification, the reagent volum will last for 100 bases with modification.

    If you need a special amidite and no 5'-end modification the volume will last for 150 bases.

    Depending on what you need, you can expect as followed:

    3/5 oligos with 30 bases

    4/6 oligos with 25 bases

    5/7 oligos with 20 bases

  • You name it - we do it. At least we try our best to adapt the synthesis system to your requirements. Since the reagent cartridge has 5 ports for amidites and modifying reagents, the possibilities are limited to 5'-end modifications and/or special amidites. But best contact us for further explanation!

    [email protected]

  • This is a tough one. Depending on what you need, it takes more or less time to get the reagents, test them, and adjust the synthesis system. When we say "adjust synthesis system", we not only mean optimizing our chemistry, but also the software protocol to get the best possible result.

    However, we can give you a rough time estimate when we know your requirements. Let's talk about it!

Exchanging Customized reagent cartridge for Kilobaser one-XT personal DNA & RNA synthesizer.

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