KILOBASER supplies

Touch display included. Kilobaser Cartridges, Kilobaser Fluidic Chips and argon gas supply are needed for operation & are not included.



EUR 75,00 USD 100.00

Reagent Cartridge holds material for 150 bases. No contact with reagents and no trained personnel needed.

The shelf life of cartridges is one year minimum, and we recommend reagent cartridges be stored at 4°C. After inserted into Kilobaser, the reagent cartridges can be used for up to two weeks or until 150 bases are synthesized. The cartridge should remain inserted into Kilobaser until it is used up.

The fluidic chips should be stored in the dark at room temperature.


EUR 200,00 USD 250,00

Synthesize fluorescent DNA probes (e.g. TaqMan and FISH) in less than 2 hours – in your own lab – with the same Kilobaser benchtop DNA synthesizer – but with our new consumables for probe synthesis.


Microfluidic Chip with integrated CPG column for DNA synthesis

Standard Microfluidic Chip

EUR 12,50 USD 15.00

One microfluidic chip is needed per DNA oligo.
A fluidic chip is a single use chip.

Microfluidic Chip with integrated CPG column, modified with BHQ1- Quencher dye, for DNA probe synthesis

COMING SOON: BHQ-1 Microfluidic Chip

EUR 40,00 USD 50.00

BHQ-1 chip: The chips have a shelf life of at least one year. A chip is used for the synthesis of an oligo and must then be disposed of as the solid phase column is consumed.

The fluidic chips should be stored in the dark at room temperature and in a dry place.

Argon Gas Supply

how to connect a gas supply to kilobaser

For your Express DNA machine to function properly, an argon gas supply with pressure between 6 and 10 bar needs be connected to Kilobaser. Have a look at our gas supply tutorial, where Alex shows you how to connect a 1 liter argon gas bottle to the push-in connector on the Kilobaser using a 6 mm O.D. flexible pneumatic tubing. You can either use a gas houseline or a gas bottle as you can see in the video. Gas cylinders can be obtained in several different sizes. For an idea: a 50 liter, 10 liter or 1 liter compressed argon cylinder (all 200 bar) will suffice for approximately 1000, 200 or 20 syntheses, respectively. You can usually rent gas bottles and get refillings from your local gas supplier. We provide you with the specifications, which you send to your supplier to get the right gas bottle with the correct gas regulator. For more detailed information about the gas supply check out our blog post.

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